Program 2023

CIFF Program 2023

Block 1: 12 PM

I Know You Are Here by Javier Aparisi

Weird Therapy by Pierre Fanzhu

Mabel by James Alton

Miles Behind: A Spider-Man Fan Film by Tito Guillen

Murder Pizza by Elizabeth Dowland

Des raçines nées (Birthed Uproots) by Jessica ALUNAYA

Rose by Gabriel Bissonnette

Claire by Jean-Pierre Huot

Latchkey by Nathalie Therriault

Q and A with the directors

Block 2: 2 PM

Junior’s Giant by Paula Brancati

Simon Without Notice by Jeremie Scoulsky-Lavigne

Bring Back the Whistle Dog by Bob Simpson

Till that day by Pier-Olivier Renaud

Lior by Scott Glassman

Q and A with the directors

Block 3: 3:30 PM

Ancestral Land by Gabriel Bissonnette

Nîswayakan by Aaron Sinclair

Feeling Fine by Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller

Persistence by Krista Barzso

Chances by Rob Heschl

Waiting for Lolo by Jules Ronfard

Q and A with the directors

Scripts in Competition:

Writer Joseph Anthony Francis
A Dream Come True
Writer Frank Scott
Writer Ashlee Tegan Nastasio
All About Lyla
Writer Faez Moradipour
Just Visiting
Writer Michelle Lehane
Writer Adam Swimmer
No biscuits in heaven
Writer Ruth Finnegan
Writer Ruth Finnegan
Writer Ashlee Tegan nastasio
Writer Joan Tofteland
The Honest Judge
Writers Jaclyn Whitt, Mina Kir
Writer Rosalyn Rosen