CIFF 2019

Canadian Independent Film Festival CIFF official selection 2019

Official Selection 2019

Project TitleSynopsisDirectors
ChmoutGaby, a 20 years old man and his brother and sister, accompanied by tow friends, decided to accept an invitation for a party in a village called “Chmout”. But they didn’t knew that this decision will lead them to somewhere they never thought of…Rami Aidamouni
AleksiaAleksia is a turbulent teenager of Russian origin, she has grown up with her mother and her little brother in the suburds of Marghera. After confessing to her friend Angela that she is pregnant, she is pushed to steal a tablet to raise the money for abortion. However surfing the theft things turn bad and Aleksia is arrested by the police.Loris Di Pasquale
Colour Me FreeThe animated movie “Colour Me Free” is a symbolised narrative influenced by the plight of civilians caught up in war. Through no fault of their own, these people are trapped in their cities, targeted by both sides as acceptable collateral damage, or even as human shields. This movie explores how these survivors are forced to question their allegiances, as expressed by colour, as their base human need to survive takes precedence. While no specific location is depicted, the use of coloured tiled patterns and a desert setting depicts a middle eastern reference. The visual medium used is a cross-over between animation and computer game, which makes an ironic reference to the repeated game-play of senseless war. The symbolic references in this movie are intended to raise questions in the viewer’s mind, and remind them that with some empathy and assistance, the human spirit can survive and grow.Gray Hodgkinson